Buffalo Plaid Wall DIY

When Sarah saw that our friend Carly made a buffalo plaid wall she instantly texted Melanie and asked if we should do one for The Society party. It was perfect.

Carly used darling reds and pinks for her wall, but we didn’t want to copy her to a T so we mixed it up with dark green, light green and white. It was so simple and we can’t believe how easy it was.

Our first stop was the local craft store that sells scrapbooking supplies. For us that was Joann’s . Sarah sat in front of the green scrapbook paper for what felt like forever hoping to have some good inspiration. And then we saw the light green and knew it was the perfect green for the job. Next, we found the dark green and figured out how many of each was needed. For the lighter color you will need the most pieces of paper. We were able to buy a pack of white paper for less than it would have cost to buy it individually.

We used 12×12 pieces of paper.. It made it so easy to figure out how many were needed for the space it was going on.

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