Celebrating Independence Day

In todays Podcast Episode Melanie and Sarah talk about celebrating Independence Day. It happens to be our FAVORITE holiday of the year.

Why do we love 4th of July so much? Let us tell you:


  1. Summer Time: It is warm, hot, and the best time of the year.

  2. Pyromaniac: I love watching all the fireworks.

  3. Food: BBQ, fruit, Red White & Blue fruit pizza!

  4. Emotional: I was an Army wife for 10 years. I have sent my soldier off to war. I have been to many memorial services for soldiers who gave their life for our country. I have been with women delivering their babies while their husband is deployed. I am so emotionally tied to this holiday of patriotism.


  1. Fun: Enjoys the excitement of the day.

  2. Traditions: Watching the fireworks from the roof of her house. Being with family!

  3. Pyromaniac: She loves all things that blow up and make sparkly pretty things.

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