Making Valentine's Special

Ahhhh. Love.

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the best feeling in the world. Valentine’s Day is such a sweet day, an excuse for a date and to dress up.

How can we make this Valentine’s Special this year?


Last year Sarah got the most fun dinner from her friend Cami. She had it as a printable and it was a hit at Sarah's house. She set up a backdrop so no one could see in to the kitchen. Everyone filled out their orders for each course of the meal and they didn’t know what each thing meant. So they were surprised with the combinations that came out to them. They used fancy dishes, fancy drink cups and had a blast.

Cami is no longer offering the fun dinner, so we created one… You just need to enter your email in the pop up here at The Party Collab website.


We have been ahead of the game this year when it comes to surprising our people with Valentine’s gifts. (THANK YOU TARGET DOLLAR SPOT!) Sarah got them the cutest little red mail boxes (thinking ahead here for decor as well) and is filling it with all the candy ever. And she even got the sweetest handmade crocheted bees (made by Torrey of The Society) to ask them “Will you bee my Valentine?”

Cards are also a very good thing. Writing “Love Notes” and listing things you love about someone is such a sweet gesture. Writing out feelings is so good because it gives the other person something to look back at and treasure.


We love any reason to dress up for a date with our cute hubbies. Even if we are doing a date at home we touch up my makeup, fix our hair, wear something a little more than yoga pants and a t-shirt. It makes it more romantic, it lets him know we am doing this for him and that we want to look good for him.

Put something on that is a little more fancy, even for a night in. Wear the lipstick that makes you feel amazing. Wear the heels.


For some reason kids love to put frosting on a sugar cookie and pile it a mile high with sprinkles. It makes the perfect dessert for them and a fun activity. Make them feel loved by doing something they love

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