Not Just Party Planners, Memory Makers

**Sarah writing here. This was an article written for Utah Mom Tribe**

As a little girl, we didn’t have a ton of traditions surrounding holidays or special days. But the few traditions we did have are etched on my heart and in my mind. Our traditions were simple, easy and always there. 

One of my favorite traditions was birthdays; when it was your birthday you got to choose the dinner for that night! Sometimes, I picked pancakes and bacon, other times it was pizza ordered in. There was nothing off limits when it came to birthday dinners in my house. Now, that I am the mom and have 4 kids, we have carried that same tradition over. 

Every Thanksgiving my mom makes the Jell-O salad type thing. I don’t even know what to call it. But there is whipped cream, fruit, Jell-O mix and I am sure other things! I don’t have the recipe because my mom just always makes it. Don’t get me started on her Homemade Mac ‘n Cheese. I have tried to replicate it, but I just can’t!